• Size :  L / M / S

• Type :  RH / LH

* RH is new model, but LH is old version in 2016

Product Description

Saker+(Plus) finger tab is 4mm thick, allows 3 weight control systems and 5 angle adjustment system through precise machining of the aluminum plate.

Saker+(Plus) finger tab can be adjusted to fit the archers shape and preference to allow more stable hooking position, making it the best tab to shoot perfectly in any competition. And also, it is very easy to cover the special parts for the thumb and little finger.

Saker+(Plus) finger tab’s spacer is designed to bend to your preferred hand shape for more comfortable shots. It also looks like an elephant!

We at Fivics understand that shooters have different preferences and we will thrive to consider all of them.

* FIVICS uses high quality cordovan leather, provided by H Company that have a history of one hundred years in USA.

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