FIVICS is a major archery manufacturer in Korea.

World Archery and FIVICS have signed a landmark 10-year sponsorship deal that sees the Korean manufacturer support the international federation’s global development projects, event portfolio and promotional initiatives.

It is the longest partnership to be agreed within the archery industry to date.

FIVICS is based outside of Seoul in Korea and manufacturers a complete range of archery products from bows to target faces. It also runs a number of Archery Cafés, including one below its head office, offering access to the sport to the general public.

World Archery is the international governing body for the important Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery.

Under its decade-long agreement, FIVICS will receive exposure at World Archery events, recognition in World Archery publications, access to World Archery media catalogues and dual-branded content.

World Archery secretary general Tom Dielen said: “As well as producing world-class equipment, FIVICS has expanded its business to make archery available to a wider audience through its Archery Cafés. We’re proud to work with companies who put the same focus on growing the sport as we do at World Archery.”

FIVICS CEO John Baek said: “FIVICS strives to apply creative and cutting-edge solutions to its archery products and expanding the sport. This long-term commitment to World Archery is an investment in growing the level and reach of archery at all levels.”

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Updated: Dec 6, 2018

FIVICS, the Title Sponsor of the 2019 Macau Indoor Championship, just showcased and revealed our new and improved arrow line: THE Five-X!

We have been collaborating with Korean arrow companies and leading experts in archery, including Korean Olympian, Mr. Jang Young Ho and the Korean National Team archers. They have provided their assistance with the development of these arrows through their professional opinion and advice. FIVICS is confident that the Five-X arrows will be the next premier arrow line to make you the next champion!

So what is so great about the Five-X arrows?

Made by using 46-ton carbon and reinforced with epoxy resin, the Five-X arrows have been proven to fly at faster speeds while still maintaining supreme accuracy and durability. The arrow straightness was measured with a deflection deviation of ±0.001, making the Five-X one of the straightest arrows in the world! With the assistance of the Korean National Team and Olympian Mr. Jang Young Ho, we discovered the perfect shaft diameter that allows any archer to reach optimal stability and accuracy and have applied it to the Five-X. To top it all off, the arrow points are available in stainless steel and tungsten! As a bonus, the beautiful aesthetics of the FIVE-X arrows is more durable than the graphics found on many other arrows, resisting being erased or rubbed off after extended use.

With all of these qualities, the Five-X arrow is the definition of a perfect competition arrow for both Recurve and Compound archers. Global distribution for the FIVICS Five-X arrows begins today! We cannot wait to prove its capability and performance around the world. For inquiries and orders, please email FIVICS at

Five-X 완벽한 그룹핑에 도전한다!

"스트레이트, 스파인, 무게, 내경, 외경"

화살의 5가지의 핵심을 10년간 집중적으로 연구 개발에 투자한 파이빅스의 결정체가 검증되는 순간!

Five-X 화살의 정확도와 내구성은 마카오에서 확인되었습니다.

FIVICS 마이크로 화살체크기는 1만분의 1을 체크한다!

기존 최고의 화살 직진도 오차 범위는 1천분의 1을 초과하였고 화살 내, 외경의 오차는 육안으로도 확인이 가능하였습니다.

세계 최고의 기술로 만들어진 풀 카본 Five-X 화살!

다음은 Five-X 화살 테스트 후 피드백에 관한 내용입니다.

국내 - 70m 거리 종목에서 Five-X 화살을 사용한 선수들의 조준점 위치가 4칸 높아졌다. 화살의 그룹핑이 매우 좋다!

해외 - 그룹핑에서 확연히 차이가 난다. 화살의 스파인이 매우 훌륭하다.

파이빅스 화살 전체(Shaft, Point, Insert, Nock)가 "MADE IN KOREA" 입니다.

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